About us


Ekxpert Consult Ltd. continuously invests in the knowledge of its collaborators. Therefore, a partnership with Oracle has been established. As a consequence, Ekxpert Consult LTD has access to state of the art tools, Hardware/Software Configurations and a lot more.


Flexibility is our primary Focus. We are 24/24 - 7/7 - 365/365 available. Our customers can always rely on a product expert. There are no hidden costs!

Hands-on No Nonsense

Ekxpert Consult Ltd is a No Nonsense company with primary focus on an efficient way of project Delivery. We strongly believe in customer interaction. Our fixed price proposals are based on a transparant set of variables. There are no hidden costs!

Think Local go Global

Through our partnerships we manage to implement scalable testlabs. Our global ressources have all necessarry tools to configure and roll-out any new demand. The nearshore delivery method, proves a lot of added value.


Ekxpert Consult Ltd only works with well trained/certified Employee's and Professionals.

Value For Money

Ekxpert Consult Ltd wants you to optimize your return on investment. Your Success = Our Success!