More than 25 years of PeopleSoft Implementation Experience within different area's (project management, functional and technical support)

We support all activities which are part of a software development Cycle as depicted below.

Single and/or Multi Country Implementations/Upgrades of Financials:

  • Time & Expenses
  • Program Management / Project Costing
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Asset Management
  • Commitment Control

Single and/or Multi-Country Implementations/Upgrades of SCM:

  • eProcurement
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory

Single and/or Multi-Country Implementations/Upgrades of HCM:

  • Workforce Administration
  • Profile Management
  • Manager / EE Self Service Modules

Synchronization between Financials and HCM.

Consultants have in depth knowledge of:

  • Functional set-up
  • Transactional/process level
  • Technical layer.

Design's are based on an add-on methodology:

  • this assures a lower cost of ownership through the product life cycle support.

Build of inhouse "pluggable" accelerators. Maintained and improved by our internal team and/or preferred partners.

  • HCM Data Masking Solution, in order to support scrambling of all payroll related elements.
  • Conversion tools to support smart data migration. These enable follow-up of the data conversion results and the encountered data errors
  • Smart Population Selection for Application Engine Programs
  • Smart Data Load Tool

Smart Population Selection

Ever had a last minute change for a population selection within an Application Engine batch Process ? Had to follow an expensive PIP procedure to put the required change ASAP in production? Use this SQL and Query Based Plug-In and it will save you thousands of €…..

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Data Conversion Tool

Sometimes a data zone needs to be converted, but where does that zone occur throughout your application? Is it used or not ? EMPLID and MANAGER_ID and TEAM_MEMBER and…. Hold the same data, what other fields are out there? Use this AE and according set-up, to easily identify all records and menu navigations (for testing purposes).

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Data Load Tool

Data loading, there are so many ways, the best but not always most easy one is based on CI technology, but xls2CI is not always performant and you need the correct parameters to link to the application. Why not use our csv2ci tool ? From within the PSFT environment, based on a set-up, you can load any data from a csv file and return a status report.

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